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Icons: Snowmen and Fujigaya/Kitayama

As promised, here are icons from the Snowmen's awesome pamphlet shoot, except for Abe and Sanada whose faces were sadly too close to the binding for snowqueenofhoth to scan. MSM needs people crazy enough to dismantle their pamphlets D:

I still don't have cute pairing icons, but at least I have a hot Sakuma now. Leader!

Also here are icons from the Duet manga version of the Kitayama/Fujigaya cover shoot, featuring hyper embarrassed Fujigaya (so hilarious jfc) and Kitayama sparkling at sushi. JE, never leave me.

Feel free to take the icons and use them, or do whatever you want with them. The English on the scanlated manga panels is from enshinge with permission and the snowmen scans are from snowqueenofhoth like I mentioned.


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