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Boooooooorn Free As Free as the Wiiiiiiiiind

so my mother just called to make sure I got home from dinner with 1B and 2B safely, but then the conversation cut off abruptly because she was calling for the roomba. like, "Mr. Roomba! Where are you, Mr. Roomba?!" because evidently it strayed from the family room to the dining room, and then perhaps "made a break for the front room." and then the next thing I know, she says (I swear this is a direct quote), "I've got to go, I think it wants to be free!!"

and then she hung up on me. WHAT. Technology 100, Mousamama 0.

also somebody should write me Bruno and Boots with a roomba in their apartment, because I feel like that can only be hilarious. or maybe even boots brings it back to their dorm room because it was a christmas present and elmer programs AI into it for more effective dirt sensing, and Bruno insists it's trying to kill him in his sleep. "I swear! I woke up in the middle of the night and it was whirring at me! It's blue light blinking ominously!!" and boots is like "...maybe it just thinks you're a dirty dirty boy."

i took a sidetrip to the RiteAid on the way home to get myself a little acetone pen to fix my nail polish screwups, and ended up with some discount light pink and blue sparkly polish. I'm an addict, okay. It's cheap! the colors are pretty! I may have ebayed a Konad last night.

fingers crossed for at least a delay tomorrow, but i'm worried it might end too early to get me out of anything.

ETA: it's one of those again.

Feed it red berries!

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