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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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I Don't Think South Korea Knows What Sherlock Is About

Given that this and this are two of the television ads they've been running for the Korean-subbed Sherlock airings. lmao, "they need each other."

That music, oh god *cannot stop giggling* it's like the person who picked out the music for Mary Stayed Out All Night was in charge of these commercials.

we aren't allowed to get coverage ourselves anymore, which means that I had to take a half day to go to my dermatologist for the wart, but you know what, that's fine by me. Cause I got to waltz out of there at 11am, leaving them paying a sub 1/2 day rather than paying one teacher $27 to cover my very last class. i showed up super early so they took me right away, and now i'm killing time until my hair appointment. need haircut soooooooo bad, since it got canceled last week.

I stopped at the RiteAid to waste some time in between. Take a wild guess what I bought :)

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