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I Could Do With a Couple Fire Pokemon Right Now

Half my flist appears to be upset that Superbowl ads are driven by the desires of white, middle-aged men who like women with big breasts. No shit? To me this seems like going to see a horror movie and complaining that all the previews are scary or gross. I'd trade any of those ads in a heartbeat if I could get rid of the KY lube commercials I am constantly inundated with. because ew.

Also now everybody's all worked up about Groupon. it never fails that as soon as I like something, some reason surfaces that I'm supposed to hate it. This is just like Amazon all over again. Well, I like Groupon and you can't stop me liking it, and I just bought awesome sakura-patterned bowls from Amazon, so good luck fighting that battle as well.

it is colder than BALLS, and also Rachel needs to stop keeping me up half the night with Skype dates *huddles in blankets on couch* I keep trying to write things, but ehhh. It's a lot of work. It's much easier to keep doing the Battle Tower beta on gpx.

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