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one more thing = system failure

Went to the gym and then cleaned guinea pigs right after, so now my arms are too tired to crochet. woe D: my mother came over to make meatloaf for drama night tomorrow, as I was just sitting down after gym and guinea pigs and vacuuming and laundry and folding laundry and cleaning out fridge, and she was like, well I guess *I* have to do the dishes.

why is it that no matter how many things I do, it's never enough things. There are always more things!

also despite my protests, they brought some intensely questionable frozen grocery store pizza. my dad was like "i think it was a great deal for $3.50" and i was just like, here's a thought, as upper middle class citizens let's avoid meals that feed 3 people for $3.50. The cheese was of such a quality that when it was finished baking, my parents had an argument about whether or not dad had taken the plastic off before he baked it (consensus: he had taken it off, the cheese was just like that).

Tonight I'm starting my experiment of sleeping at least 7 hours a night and seeing if that helps anything. why was this weekend so short ):
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