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Don't You Wish Your Hippo Was Hot Like Me

So, I have a grown-up money market account. It's supposed to be some percentage of return better than a savings account, because you have to keep more money in there. The month after I got it set up, the rate dropped from 1.6% to like .9% (of course), and it's sort of been creeping down ever since. Well, this month I was super excited because I managed to get up over the threshold to have a level 2 account, which has a higher rate of return than a level 1. Super excited! I'm an adult! I saved the monies! Yay!

I just got my statement for the month. The rates just dropped again, and now the level 2 rate is less than the level 1 rate was last month. JUST COME ON, NOW. uuuuugh why is being an adult such a clusterfuck. This is why people start keeping the money under their mattress. 2B keeps saying he's going to start buying silver ingots and putting them in a pirate chest, and honestly I think he might be on to something.

Saturday i went to marksykins's RL baby shower, and drunktuesdays, stealstheashes, and mythofthebelle were there as well, thank goodness! It was a lot of fun and Marks looks really good and we only humiliated ourselves (and by extension, the entire internet) just a little bit.

So now i can finally post pictures of the cutest hippo ever!

new nails for the week. Dark pink swoop over light pink, and both are iridescent, which doesn't show up like usual.

sanapig and nokkun loafing about

and begging for treats

Datte chilling on top of his pigloo. lol, just like his sisters like to.

Blanket! I really liked this pattern, it was a wave pattern. It was pretty easy once I got going.

Blanket and hippo!

Best hippo ever. I also got an infant-safe rattle to sew inside, so it rattles! It turned out well in the end.
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