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8 kinks that really do it for me

the eight HP fic kinks meme, from sbbo:

this might be of interest to anybody who is offering fic for my BIRTHDAY which is APRIL 19.

To repeat: BIRTHDAY. APRIL 19.

1. Although BDSM doesn't do it for me really, when somebody is just OWNED by somebody else, I love it, especially when the owned person is all badass and self-righteous with everybody else. This is a big S/R thing for me, where Sirius flirts with other people and is a jerkwad, but only because he really wants Remus to say "BAD DOG."

2. Twincest. Ah, the twincest. Weasley twins in particular, but when Ntamara did that Princess thing and James and Harry were twins? so fucking hot i nearly died.

3. This is really a combination of kinks, but collars. Hot damn. Has to do with leather, and owning, and metal, but somebody wearing a collar for someone else, ESP if they've got tags with names all just melts me to GOO.

4. The entire motorbike/leather/badass persona. Leather jacket, smoking, earring, tattoos, powerful engine between your legs, long hair, deserted highway at night...

...sorry, needed a moment after that one. that whole scenario as a package does absolutely unmentionable things to me.

5. Cursing during sex. Talking dirty is also acceptable, but usually feels so contrived and trite, it's hard to do well. But when somebody goes "oh fuck, god yes" you know exactly what that means. Double points if somebody is swearing with their mouth full. Guh.

6. this is a newer one, and there's not much to say about it really, but double-penetration, or even just when somebody's fucking somebody who's fucking somebody else. Combine this with #2 and there's a good chance I will have to stop reading in the middle to take care of a little problem.

7. Eyeliner on boys. Other make-up doesn't thrill me, and neither does cross-dressing really, but eyeliner (maybe a little nail polish)...because it's so androgynous but on just the right person can be really masculine at the same time.

8. Marking. Not like permanent scarring or anything, but biting, scratching, sucking, all of that. I think this has to do with the owning as well. Especially the biting, that's the most important one. You can cut people who you feel nothing for, but having their skin in your mouth means you WANT them.

*fans self* uh, goodness, pardon me while I dig up some appripriate fic...
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