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Piebald! Also, floppy ears. This explains the guinea pigs.

The fandango 2 movie tickets for $9 seems to still be on, if you're interested. I'm confused about that, since yesterday it had 17 hours left, and today it...still has 17 hours left...

um. okay, sure.

anyway, it is almost friday! yay! and i need to write all the fics tonight, ahahahahaha. i've been getting more written at school than anywhere else, which is truly sad. once our wireless network goes live there by the end of the year, i won't get anything done anywhere ever again.

all i will do is sit around and click the pokemon. you want to click the pokemon...

also at the dermatologist i was reading an article about how they're domesticating silver foxes in siberia? can i just say, AWESOME. i would so want a pet fox, omg. they are badass looking too, because it turns out that when you breed for domestication over generations and generations (they've been doing it since the 60s) you actually get piebald (spotty) markings as part of the same genome sequence. That's why domestic cows are spotty! i didn't know that at all.

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