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I want a real coke D:

Dear Anime Club:

The rules I have about anime are not hard! No boobs! No penises! No grabbing boobs or penises! Today's anime managed to break two of those rules in 24 minutes! You people are the reason that every other adult I talk to thinks all anime is freaky and perverted!


PS - that one kid is NOT ALLOWED to bring anime anymore! We talked about this before, but now I seriously mean it for serious. He watches weird shit, and we're not watching any more of it!

So after one episode of this thing (Beezlebub? It was about a demon baby, who was entirely naked), I was like, that's it, club's over, get out, magistra has had it. It was a particularly long and annoying day, punctuated in the middle by a that-time-of-the-month incident, and by a lower backache that is what I get when I take the prescription strength advil to try and medicate the new and improved cramps. We had some awful standardized testing prep lession this morning and I begged my 'helper' teacher to just go through the powerpoint with the students and let me sit in the chair, and he was like 'fat chance.' Fucker.

it was Fat Tuesday, and I tried so hard to be good D: I didn't pick up a donut in the faculty room or anything! and then the german teacher sent a glazy, bakey donut down to me directly via student, and in my drugged, periodful state, that was the end of that. Also it was dinner with 1B/2B/SiL/Nephew day, so I'm dragging my feet about putting in my calories for the day because I'm sure it's not winner.

and so I went to the gym, even in my weakened, crampy state. It sucked. one of my students was randomly there, and he was like "Oh Hi!! I had a sucky day, so I'm running until I get to 7 miles." I was like, "[Student], I can't even tell you how running 7 miles would make the opposite of that statement true for me." I did try running on the treadmill afterwards though, for the first time ever, and I was really scared I was going to fall right off, but I did manage to run at 5mph for about a half mile, which is honestly pretty surprising for me. I'm 100% sure I'll pay for that with at least one knee tomorrow, but I'm taking all the advil anyway, so.
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