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Things of Note

* Groupon deal of the day is $6 tickets to Lincoln Lawyer, so here you are if you are interested in that. I picked up a pair since I'm sure my dad and I will see it if nothing else.

* <-- feed the Munchlax, please. Doesn't matter which thing you feed him, he'll eat anything.

* I am watching Memento on DVD, which I've always wanted to own on DVD so that I could start at the end and watch the movie from back to front (ie in chronological order). There was no easy way to do it on VHS, but on DVD I can just skip backwards. I'm watching it frontwards first though, since it's been awhile (actually i've kind of forgotten what the reveal is, which is more than a little ironic).

*yesterday i watched the director's cut of Dark City, which I also re-enjoyed on dvd. Watching Adjustment Bureau last week really put me in the mood to watch it again, so I upgraded to dvd via my amazon wishlist. I love the way the creepy guys have ridiculous names like Mr. Book and Mr. Quick.

*it's cold! i wish it would stop that. Sanapig has apparently had enough of it too, because he pushed a bunch of woodchips into the corner of the cage and is like nesting in them which is not normal dude guinea pig behavior. Nokkun is watching him from the ledge with a look that plainly says his brother is more than a bit special.
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