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Bangkok Dangerous isn't Improving my Disposition

Tonight's the last night for remix signups. I just signed up for JE, Hikaru no Go, and Loveless, so we'll see what happens.

I babysat for nephew tonight, which was fun, while my parents took 1B and SiL out to a grown-up dinner. I told them I'd do it, and it's not that I minded really, but it was less than thrilling to be the only one not getting awesome Italian food, and then on the way home dad was like, I'll stop somewhere to get you dinner, but after thinking for a couple seconds about something I wanted to eat vs something that could be jammed into my 1300 daily calories, I just gave up and said don't worry about it, I'll find something at home.

I had some kind of fish that was in my freezer. Fail.

*erases 2 paragraphs worth of complaints* to sum up, I continue to both go to and hate the gym ceaselessly, but if I mention my displeasure when asked directly, everybody says that's because I'm doing it wrong.

I think the worst part about it is that nobody can just say "wow, you're going really hard at that, it totally sucks that you look exactly the same as you did 6 weeks and 30 trips to the gym ago" and then shut up after that. Is that honestly so hard? The closest anybody's come to that is the para who I go to the gym with on Fridays; on our third trip she finally admitted that I was going at it about 3 times as hard as her and she would not at all have believed it, given the complete lack of effect, if she weren't there watching me do it.

apparently if every single person I know came to the gym with me, that would be the solution. idk why I didn't think of that way sooner.
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