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Titillations were had by all

remember that plan where i was going to laze about all weekend? ahahahaha.

I asked my mom and chem friend from school to go to the hershey outlets with me, since I had an awesome GAP outlet coupon and got my super comfy exercise pants out there. We ended up spending like four hours there walking around with bags and all, and then chem friend was like LETS GO BOWLING WITH PEOPLE.

I had fun, we bowled 2 games and I had a 95 both times, which is decent for me. I had two strikes! And it was all people I like, so that was a plus. I feel like sometime this year a couple of my work-proximity-friends have started becoming actual friends, which is nice. chem friend has been coming to drama night, so she's slowly finding out about the other me (ie, the real one). not that school me is different, personality-wise, but it involves a lot fewer cute japanese guys of worrisome age. She thinks Yamapi is really cute (we watched Nobuta last), so maybe I can turn her into almost-je-rl-friend if I work it right. I think she'd think NEWS was cute.

so tiiiiired. I am going to be 100% a mess tomorrow, I can feel my legs stiffening up already.

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