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cause i love the butterfly needles. yaaaaay.

apparently I have inflamed the cartilage in one of my lower ribs, is the (male) nurse practitioner's best guess. at least they had to refill my prescription ibuprofen, which was going to be my second demand going in there. Also they drew blood (out of my hand, motherfucker) to test for thyroid whatnot.

turns out irritability is also a symptom of thyroid whatnot (which Mr. Nurse mentioned after spending about ten minutes with me). I was like, if i have all the symptoms of a particular thing, can't you just medicate me for it? for chrissake. this is like Lyme disease where all the symptoms are my constant physical state, so we'll never know if I actually have it or not.

at least i got to sleep until ten-thirty and now I get to take a shitton of ibuprofen on doctor's orders. or male nurse practitioner's orders, whichever. and no, he didn't say anything shocking or incredibly helpful other than 'i don't think you should do crunches on the exercise ball anymore.' and that i have to wait 12 weeks instead of 8 before I complained, which I'm pretty sure he's going to regret saying in about 4 weeks.

school people called to ask me out for wings but in my current state there was no way i could stand to watch the teeny math teacher eat two dozen wings while i had another salad, so i took a pass.

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