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when i said i wanted to hit all the walls, this isn't what i meant

Before the other stuff, I got a text message from marksykins this morning that she had the baby and both of them are fine! wah, he's totally adorable. And they should be home soon enough. It's crazy that she has a baby!

remember how i went to the doctor about the inflamed cartilage and he was like don't do weird shit with your core muscles? and i was like, haha, wtf would i do that for, seriously.

and then I spent all afternoon painting SiL's ceiling with a long roller. twice. guess how many of your core muscles that uses? all of them holy shit. and I rollered the walls too before I left just to get it over with and now I can't lift my arm practically. It had already stiffened up by the time I drove the ten minutes home. faiiiiiil. lord only knows what I would feel like if I hadn't gone there already doped up on two prescription ibuprofens because one had no effect on the cramps from hell.

i feel it's entirely possible I won't even be able to crawl out of bed tomorrow. so i guess that it's a good thing that I went to the gym this morning before all of that despite my reasonably disastrous state. i distracted myself on the treadmill by watching Big Time Reality and Big Time Crush, and i was thinking maybe i'd get other seasons of stuff to watch on the treadmill, because that was at least minimally distracting.

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