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she's going to want to talk about Easter and then i'll get yelled at too

why do i have to do so many things D: and they all involve some upper arm strength (laundry, guinea pigs, vacuuming, swiffering, trash) of which I have none after yesterday. At least I can lift my arm, which by the time I went to bed yesterday I wasn't at all sure I would be able to.

Also my parents are being intense tools, and I don't know whether they aren't aware of it, or I'm just cranky or what (which I am, because see yesterday re: do all the intensive physical labor for no reward because I am a good sister/-in-law/aunt), but this morning I called to see whether we were going out to lunch with 2B as we usually do with 2B, and I can't take any more ibuprofen until I eat something.

and despite the fact that my father has painted his entire house several times and knows it takes an entire week of no small children to do it, he's all like, oh did you just go over for a couple hours and I might stop by for an hour this afternoon while your mother takes you bedspread shopping. I'm like are you out of your fucking mind? i spent EIGHT HOURS there yesterday, and the ceiling is totally done at least, but we barely got all the walls done once, and that's assuming they finished the top/bottom where I didn't roller after I left. You're just going to pop by for an hour? I hope 1B tells him he can fuck right off since that's entirely useless. and since my mother's main complaint is that she doesn't get to spend any time with nephew, why doesn't she go over there and fucking watch him rather than taking me out to buy a bedspread which I wholly do not want or want to do? also I think she thinks this is my birthday present. haaaaaaaate. didn't we just do this with the curtains? I don't want new shit, I like the shit i have! that's why I bought it!

i swear to god, I am a reasonable and easy-going person, although it probably doesn't seem like it given that five times a week I am filled with intense rage because I do everybody's shit while the idiots around me do nothing and asked me stupid questions and then want to know why I am cranky all the time.

ps I fucked up my nails with paint and I have to do them all over. fucker.

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