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this is as close to a nisen threesome as i am likely to get.

bedding achieved. thankfully i found something reasonably unobjectionable so that the whole process could just end quickly and now my whole scheme is pretty NiSen in terms of colors. surprise pikachu not included.

i want to make an all-member kisumai blanket for my bed now but i'm in the middle of somebody else's and it's a toss-up whether i could finish it before my mother demands that we do this all over again (she's making noises about my curtains now).

and then rachel and i started talking about 5*STAR having colors, since they had concerts in the spring so they probably got them, or at least it would be convenient for them to have them. we both agreed that Goto had to be red and Sakurai was green, and she insisted Tsuki was light blue, which I couldn't argue with. Then I said Adachi usually came off as yellow for me, although that left Rin who would hate probably everything if he couldn't have black. so i think he ends up with purple, or a blue dark enough to be kind of purpley (also there was discussion about conflicting 4leaf unofficial colors and tsuki being cranky he couldn't wear all his yellow shit from before and Yamakou letting goto have his red but refusing to let him have his hats).

the shit that we even talk about. and then i got a surprise legendary voucher for some random achievement, so i got a darkrai egg.

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