Kitayama might be taking a picture of this (mousapelli) wrote,
Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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shooting stars!

eh, they aren't as great as the sakura, but it's cute enough. Sort of MiyaTama colors. The color is Confetti's Blue Bombshell, which is a neat blue/purple and was cheap, but doesn't go on as nicely as the Xtreme Wear.

The dermatologist claims the Wart of Doom is gone? but I'm entirely skeptical. so i have a check-in scheduled for two months, and i fully expect to have a proper wart again by then. I've been fooled by its dormant phase before.

soooooooo sleepy. i keep sitting down to write (or crochet or grade) and then putting my head down and taking accidental naps.

and in random news, I think "The City is Ours" is the best elliptical song ever, timing-wise. "Ring Ding Dong" is pretty good too. That's not to say that 45 minutes on the elliptical didn't suck, because it did.

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