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I might sit here and watch every single Fast and Furious movie

yeah, so, when you have four guinea pigs, that last inch of food does not last a couple days like it used to when I had one. so I had to run out in the pouring rain this morning to get food and did a bunch of other errands while I was out, like replacing my sandals that I wore entirely flat, and also stopping by the craft store.

On a whim I got some fabric paint and star stencils, and I'm going to see if I can sort of kisumai-up my new bedding. I'm going to give it a shot on a pillowcase first and see how it turns out. also I got more stuff to make the flower dishclothes, since I was working on my mom's for mother's day, and one of the science teachers bought it off me for her mother for easter. The pattern is super fast and pretty.

so rainy!! and sleepy. also i need to start my remix, yo.

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