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well it was certainly a more action-packed birthday than usual.

Latin festival is over for a whole nother year, which is the best part about it in my opinion. We won some stuff for projects, but on the other hand the song was pretty humiliating. oh well. ugh the getting up for it though. it's really rough doing it on Tuesday, though, because then you have days and days of school left after.

I brought in Oofuri (Big Windup) for anime club which was cute, but they did not turn up with cupcakes for my birthday like they swore they would last week, so I was sad and cupcakeless. Actually, usually I bake cupcakes myself and bring them in so that people will have to come and say happy birthday to me to get one, but today/yesterday was Latin fest and tomorrow is faculty meeting and thurs is right before Easter break, so i was just cupcakeless all around.

my whole family went out to Carrabas (Italian) for dinner, and I had a blackberry sangria which was super strong, resulting in an eventual trip to the craft store that was less than optimal. I had chicken bryan and like a shot glass full of creme brulee on top of the cake we'd brought so now i am good for basically nothing. I got an amtrak gift certificate and some money towards the spa and stuff, so it was okay I guess. it wasn't terribly exciting, but I haven't figured out anything I want to give myself either, so I can't hardly blame my family.

so now i'm 29. woohoo.

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