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Remix + some madness

Remix is up/open, so I got to read the Hikaru no Go Remix that popped up for me. It's cute and features riled-up Touya, so I enjoyed it. There was also a Kamen Rider Kabuto fic, unexpectedly, which I enjoyed.

I meant to write stuff for remix madness and other things this weekend, but then i blew the whole weekend shopping for and putting up summer curtains in my bedroom (don't even ask) and then messing up the tama/nika nails planting bulbs in pots. so if everything sprouts, I'll have two hostas, two bleeding hearts, some basil, and a bunch of grass for the guinea pigs.

i'm hopeful I can grow grass at least. i can always start over if i have to, since I have a hilarious amount of grass seed now when i needed, like, a fistful.

anyway, i managed two Remix Madness things tonight, and then was interrupted by the news telling me five times what the president was going to say before he actually said it. i wonder if he gets really annoyed that he really never gets to announce anything for real?

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