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some random shit

good job with the poem guys, I'll post it later, but i'm going outside in a minute cause it's GORGEOUS.

RL update: I've been accepted to UVM for a Latin MAT with a full ride! WOOHOO!!!! and also got the summer job i wanted TAing Greek, so I'm full of warm fuzzies at the moment.

So is my room, because i have inherited four mice somehow. Two girls found them, clearly tame mice, sleeping in a shoebox, and security said they would just kill them, so they gave them to my friend and he called me and i am a sucker. so anybody want some mice? they are living in a tupperware thinger and sleep in a big pile. SO CUTE!

I stayed up all last night to do my latin paper. the pie of the month at Eat N Park is blueberry and thank god for my laptop so i could partake of the pie at 5 am.

I doodled something in class from my RPG's full moon monday, but I'm not posting it until you guys get your bits of moonlog up! you know who I'm talking to...*is impatient because the whole thing is too funny*

But the moony loves sirius again, so all is right with the world.
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