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Actually I Kind of Want to Watch Spaceballs Now

I keep almost posting but then not doing it. Hmm, what did i want to say...

*saw Fast Five last night and had a really damn good time. have i mentioned that Sung Kang is my favorite? because Sung Kang is my FAVORITE. Could have done with more driving, given the franchise, but since driving was replaced with caper, and i love caper movies, for a 5th movie in a series it comported itself more than well enough.

*I also enjoyed the Fringe season finale despite missing nearly all the episodes this season. I might download rather than wait for DVDs, since i'm going to own them anyhow.

*dug all the dead crap out of the window wells outside my windows (and i'm in the basement, so that's kind of a process) and threw a bunch of seeds down. Most of them don't get enough light, but zinnias did okay in the bedroom window well a couple years ago, so we'll see. Inside, nothing has sprouted except for the grass still. I am super poor at waiting, yo.

*I have been making these badass flower-shaped dishclothes, and a couple people at school ended up buying them off me for mother's day presents. Hooray accidental sideline! I keep threatening to start an etsy account. Maybe this summer. I make a mean square dishcloth as well, not to mention am a scarf pro.

*They've been playing the Star Wars movies in a row on Spike all day. I love when they do that. I own about half of these and i totally should own all of them. Also, I don't own Lord of the Rings yet, because as soon as i buy a set, they will be like NEW FOOTAGE SUPER ULTRA SET HAHA WE GOT YOU. Since it's been years since the last one, people keep telling me i'm being silly, but now the Hobbit is getting underway and i'm pretty sure i'm not being silly at all.

*also also, how can Padme be surrounded by freaking Jedi masters and yet nobody knows she's carrying twins? this is the only thing that seriously bothers me about episodes 1-3. Seriously, worst jedi masters ever.

*at the Home Depot they had a tree that was called a Pinus Pompom tree and my dad and i 100% stood in front of it giggling at its little erect pini. Then my mother wandered up holding a plant that was not at all one of the 10k plants we'd discussed and we were like, what's that about, and she was like "This one was talking to me." then she apologized to some plants for not taking them home. Then a tree fell on my father in a desperate attempt to get into our cart. All of this is true, i swear.

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