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Remix Reveals

Remix reveals are up! I got three things this year, one regular and two for Remix Madness:

w-inds.: Better to Give ~Receiving is Fun Too Style~ by Aeiouna, which is a cute rehash of that White Day anniversary fic where they keep giving each other chocolate and making scenes in the conbini.

Hikaru no Go: A is For Android (The C is for Chicken Mix) by SnarkyLlama, which is a pretty funny remix of V is for Victory, the one about Touya's hair being ridiculous (the remix offers an entirely plausible explanation),


We Play in Black and White, But I See in Infrared by hostilecrayon, which is a sexy remix of On Camera, where Shindou and Touya bicker over who's done what in the Go Institute's bathroom. The remix features Touya getting off a lot.

Thank you, remixers! I enjoyed all of my remixes quite a bit this year.

I remixed three things as well, one JE, one Hikaru no Go, and one Nobuta wo Produce, and I'm about to repost them, so you should see them in a minute.
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