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Let's Not Talk About What That Airfare Even Cost

The last two days have been fraught with danger:
*at the minor league baseball game, I got hit in the shoulder with a foul ball. I got the ball at least.
*at the gym, i tripped on the treadmill, but at least caught myself on the bar so i wasn't thrown into the wall behind me or anything, although my sneakers made an alarming scraping noise on the belt. my knee and ankle are both killing me now, but I won't be appearing in a Tosh.o clips montage.
*and then i ran the corner of the fridge right into the front of my big toe. what the eff.

but whatever, because kisumai tour dates are OUT baby, and even if it seems like we are getting a disaster relief song as a debut single, tour dates meant i finally got to buy my airfare to Japan. AT LAST.

it does mean i will be heading to Florida immediately after coming back from Japan, but that's all right. they're the same climate and everything, i'm sure that'll be fine ._.

i'll tell you what isn't fine aside from my visa bill, that there will be NO SHABZ IN JAPAN WITH ME. *eyes shabz* or, you know, anybody else i could trick into coming along with me, since musikologie is too far away for me to bend to my will anymore. WOEZ.

next year, i swear on everything wheeled and electric that I am taking 3B to Nagasaki, and we are going to the biopark to pet the capybara. i swear to god.
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