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I Will Speak Only to the Doctor

I went to the gym super late, since as per usual wednesdays I spent all day running from thing to thing to thing, and now it's 12:30 and i am not sleepy at all. As opposed to 9th pd, when I was watching my class take a test and seriously falling asleep in my chair.

but anyway, at the gym i continued watching 2005-season Dr. Who and enjoying it immensely. Is this guy the Doctor for very long? Am I getting all attached to somebody who'll get replaced in season 2? I hope not because I feel that he will for serious be my Doctor probably always. Does everybody imprint on their first Doctor that way?

anyway it was the Dalak episode which I found terribly amusing. And then I watched the Mother's Day episode of Big Time Rush, which was seriously hilarious, so I kept chortling to myself on the elliptical. I doubt the people next to me enjoyed that. THE MOM SONG. When the man even brought in the guinea pig, i was loling before he even said a single word.

also i did like two billion phone errands (i hate calling strangers on the phone so much, omg) and weird junk i'd been putting off, and then i bought myself to run up to NYC this sunday to see longleggedgit for an afternoon. Which...i will totally repeat next week for the DBSK concert. oops. oh well, whatever.

but the best news I have heard all day is that I can use my Japan Rail Pass to ride the new Hayabusa shinkansen ♥♥♥♥

my mother: *is freaking out*
me: relax, i'm not going anywhere near Sendai or Fukushima, I swear.
later on...
musikologie: so where does the Hayabusa run anyway?
me: let's check. .........Sendai. via Fukushima.
musi: ..........
me: It stops in Ueno first? Lol, I'll just ride it for 6 minutes. BEST 6 MINUTES EVER.
musi: That's what a JR pass is for! Superfluous trip!
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