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*went to farmer's market this morning with my mother and got myself ridiculously fresh sweet bologna and ring bologna. omggggg. also we finally went to the Higashi jewelry place and i got a necklace.

*did a bunch of chores that usually I have to do on Sunday because tomorrow I'll actually be in NYC to hang out with longleggedgit like I mentioned. We've been kind of planning fail, but the plan hopefully includes Kino's, onigiri, karaoke, and maybe a bagel, so I'm sure it'll be a good time. i should get some energy jelly to bring home.

*I'm going to crochet octopi on the train. Seriously.

*I'm rewatching some of Fringe season 2 while I cleaned guinea pigs, and I really like Olivia a lot. I'm always surprised when that happens since girls on TV are usually crap. Actually I like all the girls on Fringe.

*also Thor was pretty damn awesome. I will say you don't need the 3D for any particular reason, but otherwise, funny, good action, nice effects, lots of Marvel in-jokes, hot shirtless dudes, awesome viking posse. Good job, Marvel. I hope the next x-men movie is half as good.

*I was supposed to go to the gym, but I think I'll just lie here and maybe nap some more.

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