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proper things to shout during a child's movie

So here's the story about sociofemme at Ella Enchanted last night.

We're sitting there, surrounded by five-year-olds, and we get to the scene where they're fighting Ogres. Only in the movie, the Prince is saving Ella instead of the other way around like it is in the book. and Ellen, who is a fem-nazi and is still surrounded by five-year-olds, shouts:

"What the SHIT is THIS?!"

The movie is worth seeing if only for the questionable moments. Like the Debouched page who carries the crown, the stepsister stroking a candlestick in front of the prince, and the prince himself in leather pants who occasionally loses his shirt.

The mice are going home tomorrow, David has agreed to take them. Now that I'm not keeping them, I can confess that I have named them, and they are Hidalgo (the spotty one), Orli (the blond one who kept fucking up my pictures), and Merry and Pippin (Pippin is slightly smaller than Merry and has a teensy pink flag on his tail).

My Percy fic is FINISHED! *throws confetti* Does anybody want to beta it tomorrow? Pretty please?
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