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Now just wait a goddamn second

And that was the end of 2005 Dr. Who season 1. (I guess there might be a spoiler concern here, but then again, this is from 2005, so you're on your own.)

so to review:

1. None of you idiots trying to get me involved in dr who for the last like three years ever bothered to mention there was canonic ot3 m/m kissing? seriously?! It's like you people don't even know me.


3. I don't get to keep Jack Harkness either?! what the FUCK, people? and can't somebody at least be like "where is that guy we really liked about fifteen seconds ago? where did he get off to I wonder?"

starting off season 2 intensely infuriated after barely ten minutes. this is 100% how not to keep me in a fandom, i don't mind telling you, so if something pretty goddamned amazing doesn't happen in the next ten or so, I really can't see me having a long relationship with this crap.

it's like fucking Roswell all over again. Oh look, all those things that made you enjoy this show intensely yet briefly: EXTERMINATE. EXTERMINATE.
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