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Pants are for the Weak

and then i slept for 12 hours straight. heh, i for serious went far past my limit of not sleeping enough the last two weeks, and when I say that, you should probably understand that during the school week, 5 hours is what I consider getting a good night's sleep. I do feel better kind of. I'm also down a couple pounds, which I'm pretty sure is that fake random weight loss you get and then it rebounds, but it's nice while it lasts. Maybe it's my body's way of trying to bribe me to sleep more.

after I cleaned all the things yesterday, we went out to see Kung-Fu Panda 2, and I have to tell you that I totally enjoyed it. It was nearly as good as the first one, I thought. Maybe I just like Pandas, idk. Also, having a peacock be the main bad guy just sort of cracked me up all on its own.

anyway, I'm going out to a picnic in a couple hours, so I suppose I ought to pull myself together since I have to make a grocery store run. nnngh, putting on pants.

no luck with the porygons yet.

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