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Miss Mocha is Not Psyched About Her New Roommates

Not to be confused with the Great Snowpig Migration of 2010, this afternoon was the Lesser Snowpig Migration of 2011, which means that starting tomorrow night i'll be house/beagle-sitting for my parents for two weeks.

it's hard to tell which of us is least enthused about this, between me, the snowpigs, and the beagle (the snowpigs were pissed when we got them in the car). at dinner i was like, if you think i am doing this shit next year for the third year in a row, you can just have yourself another good long think. I just want to sleep in my own bed during the hell that is the last two weeks of school. is that so much to ask?

i went to the gym and redid my nails, though, so at least i got something done. I used the Tama color from Zoya, which was the first chance i got to use any of my new polishes, and i really like this color. It went on really nicely too, so I can see why this stuff is expensive.

i watched a couple more Dr. Whos between the gym and doing my nails, and i have to say that i am thoroughly sick of them losing characters just as i start to like them. Is it so hard to keep actors for a whole season? Is it?

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