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5 Random Things

This house-sitting gig isn't near as much fun without a musikologie D: but at least I can raid my parents' On Demand for stuff i've been meaning to watch. I'm watching Rizzoli & Isles and enjoying it, but does it seem kind of...canonically femslashy to other people? I was expecting there to be hints of girl on girl action, but this is a lot more like expressly telling you that's going on. It's kind of hot? Maybe I just like Angie Harmon.

from snowqueenofhoth: Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back at me). Other people (including me~) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

I got:

1. Pokemon - I've played pokemon on and off ever since Red and Blue first came out, and it appeals to me on like every possible level. Collecting! Little animals! raising them! the part that always bothered me, though, was that when you got the next game up, you had to start all over again collecting the dudes, and your dudes were trapped on the old game still. I have a Mew I won in a contest trapped on my Yellow cartridge and it makes me very sad. Anyway, so is totally fulfilling all of my pokemon needs at the moment because it takes the parts i like best, the collecting and the raising and the evolving, downplays the parts i'm not so hot at, like the battling, and also, FINALLY all my dudes can be in one place! also i love the site-wide shiny hunts and contests, and the system where you complete a series of challenges to get legendaries.

And after all this time, my favorite is still Drowzee. They're so fat and sleepy! I have a figurine of one on my nightstand right now. in my original team I also had a Butterfree, Vileplume, Ninetales, Dugtrio, and an Articuno. Also I have a soft spot for Sandslash, which has always been my brother's favorite. When we got Gold and Silver this christmas, the first thing he made me do was catch a sandshrew for him to raise ♥

2. your apartment - I live in the basement, which is usually a-ok with me because it's cool all summer and not too bad to heat in the winter, and also I'm right next to the laundry room. However, summertime also = earwig season when you live half underground. They're so gross and pinchy! DX but anyway, since I am stuck at my parents' house for two solid weeks, i'm pining for my apartment and my bed already. I can't wait until school lets out next week so that I can spend tons more time lazing about my apartment, and also did I mention that I live like ten feet away from my complex's pool? my apartment is great~

3. swimming pools - like i just said, i live immediately next to the pool. if I could crawl out my bedroom window, i could go from my bed to the pool in about a second and a half. because school lets out in June, i'm at the pool usually during the day with all the retirees who share my apartment complex, so there isn't much competition for swimming space :) but when I go, I usually take along my copy of Reading Japanese with all the kanji practice, and every summer I am like "I am going to finish this book this summer!" and then somehow summer ends suddenly. But this year, this year i'm going to do it! I think I have less than ten lessons left.

4. Vermont - I miss burlington a lot sometimes. I liked my apartment so much, and being able to walk downtown, and all the local food and hippie bookstores and being able to sit around outside and write with some froufy coffee on Church street. Also, Ben and Jerry's pilots all their experimental flavors locally, so you could get these crazy flavors in the scoop shop there and you knew you'd never see most of them ever again. Fun fact, during my first tour of the factory they were piloting Dublin Mudslide in its first stages, and that's the only one that got so popular that it made it the whole way to nationally distributed pints. also i was just telling somebody how i don't like maple syrup, like the kind you buy in stores, but in the winter at UVM they would bring buckets of fresh-harvested syrup out in front of the library and pour it on fresh snow for anybody who wanted some, and that was amazing.

5. Senga (the guinea pig, the Kisumai member, or both - take your pick) - senga is my second-hand guinea pig~ the pet store gave her to me basically for free for my birthday last year, since her first owners had dropped her off dirty and with a litter of babies, already pregnant with a second litter. Kenpig isn't much of a cuddler, thanks to those idiots, but she's a good girl and she likes having her nose scratched if she can sit sort of next to you rather than directly on you. also she loves strawberries! LOVES them.

as for regular Senga, in person he looks so handsome and adult! idk why the photos and videos make him look younger, it's so strange. I am totally looking forward to seeing him in person this summer and seeing him 18 months even more grown up, and I hope we get to hear one of his and Nika's songs. and he would 100% be a chubby, tan, hair-whorly guinea pig if he were an animal.

Okay, you know what this show is like? Bones, it's exactly like Bones, only with both Booth and Brennan being women. so, yeah, surprising! or, idk, for TNT i think it is.

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