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That's Right I Said Supersonic Courtship Songs

I've had the Sci(ence) channel on more or less constantly the last couple days because there's always something interesting on when I sit down in front of my parents' gigantic television. Today it's about animal mutations, specifically Madagascar, and I have discovered mouse lemurs. How did I not know these existed? 2 things about them are amazing: 1) female mouse lemurs reject courtship by punching males in the face, and 2) they wiggle their ears sort of independently of each other, which you can also see near the end of that video for a second. TOO MUCH CUTE.

apparently there are 16 different kinds of mouse lemur which all look identical but can't interbreed, and can only be told apart by their supersonic courtship songs. Sanapig does not look impressed by this information, despite the fact that his courtship song is not supersonic by any means.

I got a text message this morning from my mother that they were on the plane, which surprised me because I thought they were coming home tomorrow? Lol oops. So after the gym I started some laundry and I'll probably let the roomba loose as soon as i get up off my butt here. Also I fed a bunch of leftover meatballs to the dog which probably wasn't very advisable but he seemed to enjoy.

Also it's raining. *shakes fist* pool, i will make it to you this week! I did get to sleep forever, though.

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