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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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Ikemen or something like it

[paraphrase of a much longer conversation in which I fail]

me: have I lost my mind or does Tama for real look nothing like himself in this drama?
me: *sends screencap of Ikemen desu ne ad*
shimizumiki: that can't be tama
me: I swear to god it is. [because he's the mean lead singer right?] I feel like a moron because I don't recognize him at all.
me: *sends another cap*
smz: that a clip from the original Korean version?
me: it? fuck, you know I can't tell faces AT ALL
smz: well it says "Chan Gensuk" at the bottom so
me: *now thoroughly embarrassed* i didn't read anything, I was concentrating on how I couldn't recognize anybody. Also I can never understand those stupid announcer ladies.

in conclusion, Japanese television conquers me yet again. Could we please stop trying to get me to tell Koreans apart from each other or anybody else? Because blatantly I cannot do it. Switching back and forth in the middle of this promo interview is seriously just cruel. It's like when Wolfie tried to test me on members of Arashi by sending me links to pictures of NEWS.
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