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Between the final weeks of school, a bunch of missed drama nights, and living at my parents for two weeks while I came into the apartment only to grab stuff and drop off useless mail, my apartment is seriously trashed. The front room is particularly bad, since that's the only room i've been putting stuff in, basically, for the last month.

I cleaned off my kitchen counter randomly because I moved the microwave and then put away a bunch of magazines in my bedroom and cleared off the top of my dresser (ugh so much dust, so gross). then I went out and looked at my coffee table and then my real table and just sort of...came back into my bedroom.

It's too muuuuuuch. This is how the hoarding gets out of control! you just don't even know where to start so it's so much easier just to do nothing and go in the other room. There needs to be a show about pre-hoarding interventions and I can be its star, and every week they'll come back here and be like, seriously how did this happen, and I'll be like I don't knoooooow.

ugh and you can't even blame anybody else when you live by yourself.

you'll notice that i'm still not working on my FQF fic and my parents are coming over for the pool in a couple hours.
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