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For Serious?

You know, it never works out for me when I try and organize myself enough to get things done in a sensible manner. knowing that I had to drive 3 hours to Marty-kun's baptism and three hours back, I got up an hour earlier than I would have otherwise to go to the gym first. Because I didn't have hours to spare, I just set it to do a 5k on the treadmill, which takes me about 45 or so minutes, roughly.

I actually cut it down to about 43 minutes because I ran half-mile chunks of it, which for me is like a miracle, but then again I've been doing the elliptical a lot which is the same basic motion so my body seems to have gotten the memo that 5 mph is honestly not that much different than 3.7 mph, which is what i do pretty much always on the treadmill.

'seems to' being the operative word there, because I've been home for a good hour, showered, puttered around, sat in front of the fan, and am still sweating like crazy, making putting on my dress like a herculean task. I've had to dry my hair twice. what the fucking fuck. I am sitting directly in front of the fan right now because I have to leave like, now, and sweat is still beading on my forehead.

dear body: YOU ARE A DOUCHEBAG. Can't you be a tool on any one of the 364 days of the year I do not have to go someplace in a dress at 11 am? ffs, where is my bionic body because I am totally through with this shit.
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