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I Suspect Nephew Is Kicking My Ass At Rosetta Stone

Spent yesterday afternoon in the pool with nephew (SiL is still recovering from surgery) and there is definitely a patch on my back that didn't get the sunblock. oops D: Neph loves the water, but this is the first time he's been over this summer, and it seems like he suddenly realized that the pool is deeper than he is tall, because he rushed down the first three steps and then suddenly threw himself into full reverse, yelling "ALL DONE ALL DONE" which always cracks me up when he uses it to mean "I AM NOT DOWN WITH THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE." He also used it when he was confronted with the giant Elmo at Sesame Place.

We were playing with a bucket and I was struck suddenly at the Rosetta Stone nature of our conversation. Like "The bucket is floating" "The bucket is sinking" "what color is the bucket?" "the bucket is red." Neph is in the repeating stage (finally) so there were some "bucket sinking"-type sentences, and then later on there was a little girl diving in the pool, and Neph was like "SINKING!" Cute~ He has a little NabeSho-esque speech impediment, so everything he says is sort of funny, especially when he has serious demands.

Then I went to the gym at 1am because I didn't want to miss the new Ugly Americans episode. planning fail. Also I took way too many showers yesterday. Turns out I have a shower quota.

3B will be home on Monday! Yayyy!

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