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Kame no Nimotsu

baby brother (B3) is home from Italy finally! Not like he's not turning right around to leave for more grad school in august, but it will not at all be as far away or dramatic as having him halfway across the world. So we have exactly two weeks until i leave for Japan, and then a couple more weeks before he moves, since our school terms start more or less at the same time.

I guess that's all my exciting news. We were out all day extracting him from the airport and then eating things (wings and beer are always his first demands) so we didn't see any fireworks, and I didn't get to indulge in my usual july 4th television marathons or even take advantage of 3.5x day on gpx, but eh, not important. also it's 1am and i am not the tiniest bit sleepy because i have already let my schedule get completely out of whack.

actually that took about a day and a half. oops. At the rate i'm going in Japan i'll be like "time change? What time change?"

but i will have the awesome green luggage my brother bought to haul his extra shit home. it has a TURTLE on it! lol, since when am I excited by luggage, idek.

<-- still needs pink berries
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