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Yo Ho and a Container of Chobani

It's not that I have anything exciting to post this morning, it's just that I've been through my flist and all the internet stuff I usually do and I still have a bunch more yogurt to eat because Chobani is like 300% yogurt so I eat it pretty slowly.

*eyes timestamp* I am still sleeping an ungodly amount. I really don't understand it, i don't seem to be coming down with anything and now it's been weeks since school ended, I've been eating pretty well and taking my vitamins and exercising normally...stupid body.

Speaking of telling my body it's crap, while I was on Amazon ordering a copy of Cook This, Not That because it sounded interesting, some demon possessed me and I ended up with a copy of Jackie Warner's This is Why You're Fat. I really don't know why I did that, since I don't generally enjoy reading muscular women telling me how everything I try is totally wrong, but I did and I did read it and I can see the validity of some of it.

Mostly, to sum up very loosely, her thing is that sugar is the problem, and after looking at labels for two days, I can see why (not like I didn't look at labels before, because I always do, I just never looked hard at sugar before). The goal is to eat things with 5g or less of sugar so your insulin doesn't spike, and just to take two things, my chobani yogurt and 1% milk are both wayyy out. Sigh. I don't even like yogurt! you all told me I had to eat it! and every time somebody tells me i should switch to almond milk i throw up a little in my mouth. also apparently negative thinking makes you fat, so I think I might be screwed on that count. And then she goes on about endorphins and how they make you feel so good and you want to exercise, and let me tell you if i could take an endorphin supplement instead of fucking whey protein, I would be right there on that.

anyway, whatever. I redid my nails ravenclaw colors for HP this week. My right hand came out like shit because it was so hot the polish was drying too fast, so now i'm debating whether I'm too lazy to redo it or not. I probably am.

guinea pigs are cleaned and it is drama night tonight, and somehow everybody got super into Misaki no 1!! after all, which makes me lol. Now I really want to do Ikemen Desu ne with them, so I hope we get fast subbers.

and now i am going to the gym *determination*

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