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*cracks knuckles*

All right, I'm getting myself organized here. I've been doing challenges and things all over the place, so sorry for the lack of fic floating around the journal.

Here's what I've been up to:

The Remix fic is in, but stuff isn't posted yet because of the extension. It's good though. Really good. *is impatient*

My Percython fic: Third Party Loyalties [Percy/Draco] is up on weasleyworship. It was so long it had to be split into three parts, but people don't seem to mind.

My first pornish_pixies fic: Rubbed the Right Way [Lavender/Parvati] for the femslash challenge. If you're into femslash, a lot of good things happened about that time, including two things by the wonderfully hot florahart. Over acheiver :P

I've come to learn that every time i really start to hate a story I'm writing, people always end up loving it. What's that about? Like SYWTTYARB. Do you know how many times I nearly quit that piece of crap? I still can't read it without thinking of the countless painful hours of re-writing, but people freaked out over it. Does this happen to anybody else?

Well, I hated this Percython fic with a burning passion until it was done, so go love it. I'm off to write a certain person's birthday fic...
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