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Uh and then things...occurred.

So I was woken up about 9 this morning by a phone call from the new jr high principal (the jr high that is right across the parking lot from my high school), to ask me for my address to send me my schedule. I was like "my...jr high? schedule?" and she was like yeah, didn't your principal tell you?

Apparently I have been whored out to the junior high for a first period class and my principal didn't see any reason he should ask or even inform me. whaaaaaat. ffs.

it's...*sigh* i guess it's fine. They have too many 8th graders signed up for Latin to walk over, and it's really good for me to get students in as early as i can so that my upper levels keep people in them in the long run, and at least if I start over there I'm not running back and forth. But your start building is your home building in our district, and your start building is where your paycheck goes, where you have to do training days, etc etc. So it's like, a situation. Also I will lose my extra dept head period in travel time, and prior to the fuckery i had 9th period off, which would have been like a billion dollars in class coverages over the course of the year. *shakes fist*

and then i went to the gym and lifted ALL THE WEIGHTS, which my arms do not give two figs about, but apparently i did something to my quads yesterday that made them ANGRY because they are a serious mess yo. Today I would like to:

*go to gym
*Target run for sprinkly carpet smell-good stuff
*Rite-Aid run for some fancy items for the_kouhai
*Write something for JE100 (Reboot is friday! don't forget it changed!)
*Crochet a bunch of silly hearts and stars until I'm convinced I can do it without the pattern
*level up this stupid cloyster for pokemon contest ending today (july shiny hunt is 100% while I'm on vacation, sadly)

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