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And now it's Tuesday

Things that have happened:

*had a surprise thing pop up on Friday so I ended up catching last shinkansen to Hiroshima instead of 1st. oops. The whole thing was fail because I actually got super sick immediately before I left, and even though I felt better pretty much right after and managed to eat a bentou on the train and stuff, i was still pretty FML about the entire ride. waaah, i'm sorry I was sad on you, Shinkansen. and then at midnight I finally pulled in to Hiroshima and handed the taxi driver the hotel name and address and he was like "and how do I get there?" whatever. I made it.

*So we did the Peace Museum and Park on Saturday morning which is maybe not what i wanted to do right before the first concert, but really there was no choice. The museum is very moving and you absolutely should do it if you come here. The bent of it surprised me? like, very clearly "we're telling you this so that this never happens to another city" is the message. The A-bomb Dome also affected me more than I was really prepared for.

*concerts Saturday and Sunday were good, we had center for both (4th row/6th row) but sort of on either side of center stage so I saw different things both shows. People could see us pretty clearly on Saturday so we got to wave and exchange peace signs with people, especially Sanada and some other adorable backers aside from Kisumai themselves. Everybody looks good (well, new costumes not withstanding) and Tama especially sounds good. There was some seriously hilarious fail Kitayama/Fujigaya fan service on Saturday. Sunday people couldn't see us as much, but I think Miyata saw my MiyaTama uchiwa when he was on the cart. I hope so! Anyway even though our seats for Yokoari are largely terrible, I'm looking forward to seeing the show again a bunch more times.

*ps though, if you got the bag, don't let that logo rub against anything, because mine was half-destroyed just from walking back to the hotel with the goods with the logo side against my side. Amy was super sweet to trade with me on the grounds that she won't take hers out in public probably, but i think i'm going to have to seal the logo or something when i get home.

*We also went to Miyajima on Sunday before the show, which apparently is one of the three most beautiful sights in Japan or something. It was very beautiful.

*Monday we hung around in Osaka and went to the aquarium and then shopped between Shinsaibashi and Namba, so I've still been to Shinsaibashi every Japan trip so far.

*This morning I went out and shopped at Tokyo Station because there is a new Capybara-san store *_______* it's actually in the Character Street section so there's a bunch of stores like that, so I got some One Piece stuff and Naruto stuff for my brother. Then I stumbled into a toy train place and was surrounded by 4yo boys who were wearing the exact same expression of excitement as me. i bought Nephew a shinkansen which (evidently) makes noise. I had ramen in Ramen Street at the place that had the line of the most Japanese people and it was super ridiculous delicious. also there was a UniQlo! Then I headed out to Harajuku to hit up some trashy idol places for keychains. Two girls noticed me at the kisumai gatcha machine and were like, who do you like? and when I said Miyata they were very excited to dump their Miyata keychains on me. Funny. I mean to get a crepe down there but my bags were just too heavy and I totally gave up and came back here.

*Tomorrow we are going to Kamakura and possibly the beach!

*gpxplus has crashed chrome like 90 times and it's entirely annoying.
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