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If Jin Walks in Here, idek What I'm Going to Do

So at the airport, the check-in thinger was like 'go see the person, there's a problem' and i was like whaaaat. but the guy was like Oh! Well, we're overbooked, so if you connect through Seattle, we'll upgrade you to Business Class for that chunk of it. I was like, sure? I guess? and his response was "...really?" Lol, do people reject this offer? I mean, i get into Philly like 40 minutes later than I was supposed to, but that's not a world of change, idk.

That's not even the funny part, so casually then he was like well you can use the Red Carpet Lounge then. It took some finding, but this lounge is holy shit ridiculous. There is a huge expanse of leather chairs and giant windows right up against where the planes land, and a cereal bar! I might actually have said "holy shit is that a cereal bar" out loud, i'm not sure. And when I went to investigate the cereal bar, right next to the machine that pours soda, there is for serious an Asahi beer dispenser, and one for wine beside that. And then there was a chilled thingy that usually holds orange juice? I really think that one is holding Bloody Marys.

I just picked up a banana and a glass of coke and slunk off, but seriously this lounge. LOOL.

ETA now i am eating tiny squares of cheesecake. how long do you think it would take them to realize that i just sat in this lounge rather than even get on a plane to anywhere.

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