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Here's the Mail It Never Fails

okay, this mail, what the shit. I leave for three weeks and it's like the crazy exploded. in the bag of fifty piece of mail my parents accumulated for me, I have:

*two Pinecone checks
*a $10 check from Amazon electronic services (thanks to whoever is buying Chaotic Butterfly for their Kindles) addressed to STARSHINE PRESS, which i bet the bank will not think is so funny, and
*A power bill of only $26

and then things broke down, because I also have:
*A little note from my doctor's office saying that I'm negative for a handful of STDs that they apparently tested me for without asking me during my lady appointment, thanks a lot
*a larger note from my insurance company saying that I had $114 worth of 'preventative care' during this appointment that is not covered, but no actual bill from the dr's,
ETA*oh wait, turns out I do have a bill from the dr's for...$68? I still can't figure out exactly what this test is here that isn't covered, ugh, i hate calling them on the phoooone
*an adorable little flyer buried in my 6-page bank statement that if I don't switch over to e-statements in the next 2 weeks, they're going to start charging $2 a month for paper ones.

also i feel that my PSEA/NEA dues would be a lot lower if they wouldn't send me junk mail EVERY TWO DAYS sweet jesus.

sigh. at least you guys paid almost half my power bill.

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