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Somehow this History Channel Vampires Special is Totally Boring

I don't know what the shit is going on in the apartment above me, but there is a lot of pounding and sawing and stomping around that started at like 9am this morning, and I've had enough of it. The guinea pigs are all cowering in their cages, and my head is freaking killing me (although that's mostly because I stayed up until 5am posting kisumai debut fic and talking to kira).

went into school for like twenty minutes and the only thing I managed to accomplish was locking myself out of the email/computer system. oops. ugh, fucking school. so i went to the Sheetz to get gas and got myself a soda instead. At least I got paid today, my last biweekly paycheck before we switch to 15th/30th pays at the end of the month.

So I keep sort of general tabs on visitors/page views of my journal, and consequently can see when I have a spike of lurkers. Hi lurkers! You really aren't invisible on the internet, you know. At least, I can't see who you are maybe, but I can see roughly how many of you there are. I don't honestly care who reads me/friends me and you're welcome to do it, but you know, maybe if more than 5 of the 150+ of you who click through to fic commented on it, I might write more~ Actually, I have been seeing a handful of new names around, so that's nice.

mmm, i think it's nap time. omg people upstairs shut up.

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