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Hopefully You Weren't Expecting a Riveting Post

I don't understand how I go to the grocery store for like four things and always end up spending $50. Life is mysterious, yo. But tomorrow for drama night I'm going to make chicken breasts stuffed with feta and sun-dried tomatoes and we're also going to try quinoa. Which apparently I am supposed to pronounce 'keen-wa' wth.

Other errands included dropping off Nephew's presents from vacation and hitting the petsmart to oggle adorable baby guinea pigs for woodchips and a new tube for Nonpig (right now there's about two inches left of their old tube, which they hilarious still try to hide in). So tomorrow is clean all the things day, and Kenpig is also getting a bath because she likes to make the biggest mess possible in one corner and then sit in it. Pigs, wth.

and now I am watching TLC's version of Hoarders which is really not as entertaining as A&E's version, but A&E is busy playing episodes of Criminal Minds which I have seen 95 times each. If they have an international version of Hoarders ever, though, I'm submitting the_kouhai and her foot-high pile of Johnny's envelopes.

I'm thinking seriously about getting a couch and an ipad. Maybe not in that order.

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