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Miyata Has Been to All the Concerts

I am officially the entire way unpacked! And apparently I have for the second time lost my concert hair clip. At least this time it was a flower clip I bought for cheap at Claire's instead of an actual tour good, but dammit why does that keep happening! I just emailed snowqueenofhoth and the friend who I stayed with when I was repacking for Florida, so maybe one of them will turn it up someplace. I really liked this one D: How could the tiny roll of concert tape make it but not the poofy two-inch flower?

B3 and I went low-key television shopping yesterday, because I'm probably going to upgrade mine so that he can take my current TV with him to DC, and it turns out that the space in my wall unit, despite looking gigantic, is only 35" across and really square, which is a pretty serious limiting factor (stupid wide-screen tv). Oh well, means I'll probably end up spending less money than i was thinking. And then my mother and I spent a half-hour playing with the fabric picker on the furniture website. Maybe if I go for the leopard print couch, Fujigaya will show up? since it'll match his underwear...

Also i bought a purple ottoman on impulse for $14, which is why Target is great. It's exactly the right height for me to sit my laptop next to the couch when i'm lying down so I don't keep almost knocking it off. And it's hollow! so I put all my nailpolish stuff inside it.

Kisumai jwebs totally made me sniffle. Kitayama talking about wanting to do Countdown, Fujigaya wanting all seven of them to stand in a line at Dome, and Tama just casually being like "I'm going to spend the rest of my life with these guys." BOYS ♥ And then Miyata's cracked me up.

Now I totally want to write some stuff for je100 before I have to go babysit nephew all night.

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