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The Only Move the Miyakarp Knows is Smile

*crazy art school friend came for a surprise visit. She called ahead of time last week, but then thought she might be visiting NEXT yesterday i got a text that was like "i'm at the train station!" and i was like o...kay? I guess? lol, whatever. although on the down side my futon is sort of broken so that was a situation at 2am, and then last time she was here she 'cleaned' up my living room to say thank you and then I never did find my coasters after that (okay at the time i only had one coaster, but still).

*before that yesterday I spent all morning/afternoon at first Other Latin Teacher's classroom and then in mine putting stuff up on the walls. We're both totally DNW because it's his first year in the high school (not mine, he's in a different district) and he's never taught anything besides Latin I and Spanish I before, and i'm just in full-on NO SCHOOL mode. Anyway, we were not an effective team. But oh well, I got my keys back and I'm totally not going back in there until next Thursday because ugh. even just walking up the walk i was like whyyyyyy.

*I am going to write something today for the je100 kiss challenge if it kills me *determination* I already have one planned about Fujigaya's life being hard. and maybe something about Nisen's matching fusion dance earrings. oh je.

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