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Cleanup, Naked Lady Tattoos, and Italian Nail Art

Whew, cleanup job after crazy art school friend left is over. There was totally a layer of makeup dust all over my coffee table DX also the state of my shower drain is unspeakable. Here's my grownup tip for you: when you visit a friend's house, take your hair out of the shower drain seriously. Ew.

Also we had this conversation:
CASF: "People stare at me a lot more here."
Me: "Well, [CASF], that's because you have a gigantic tattoo of an armless naked women spanning from your shoulder to your elbow."

Also I introduced her to chemistry teacher friend with basically no warning. oops. I imagine there will be some questions on drama night this week.

Anyway, I redid nails last night:

The nails I took to Japan. The picture is terrible, but basically I konaded a bunch of yellow patterns onto my purple nails so they'd be MiyaTama for concerts.

In Florida I redid my nails like this and used up the rest of my star stickers.

Last week I tried out my new Zoya color which is kind of a lemony-tiny-bit-limey color with some neon-esque rhinestones. It grew on me over the course of the week, but it's probably not something I'd do during the school year because of the BRIGHT yellow.

What i've got right now. 3B's Italian Girlfriend sent me a bunch of nail art stuff from Italy as a present so I'm wearing the flowers and stars from her right now. They're cute! But they stick up a lot and I'll probably knock a couple of them off after not very long.

Now I'm looking forward to just lying on my couch alone and watching a bunch of crazy History Channel end of the world specials.

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