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Ren rejects your cute candle and your lime water

well i survived the first day at any rate. the middle school was rather nerve-wracking because their schedule was all topsy-turvy and super micro-managed, and the other fl teacher was like "i'm going to stay until the end of the cell phone assembly at 9" and I was like, wow am I ever not doing that. I fled back to the high school as soon as I thought nobody would notice, where nobody gives two figs what I do and we had a reasonably normal schedule. I didn't even see my 8th graders today, and tomorrow I'll see them about 15 minutes.

also the one teacher will not stop telling me about how low her numbers are. I had, no kidding, the same exact conversation nearly word for word with her 2 1/2 times today. Oi.

Anyway, we did Ikemen 1 for drama night and everybody seemed to like it. Tama's faces are totally the best. Sadly atm everybody is rooting for Shu. Shuuuuuu. Also they think Tama is really cool and masculine, which is seriously just wrong.

Now i'm back to netflixing Monster, and i'm starting to wear out of how we've made zero progress in ten episodes (I'm at 22). I don't mind the winding path so long as there's actually, you know, a path.
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