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At Least I Like Green Tea.

my mailman, i would imagine, hates me because I routinely have ridiculous packages. This week stuff I had ordered over several weeks all decided to ship at once, and so I had a nice big pile when I got home from school today. I promptly turned around and remailed stuff to snowqueenofhoth and talisa_ahn and postage ended up being pretty horrible because a) books are heavy as hell, and b) i always end up with this same lady who never explains the shipping options properly if at all.

Eh, whatever. It's only money, and i'm sure i'd drop a lot more of it on cute kouhai if they were handy instead of across the world. (this is not to say that my cute kouhai shouldn't write me a bunch of fic, because they totally should).

I started watching random documentaries on Netflix, starting with Food Inc, and now Food Matters, which isn't nearly as good and in particular the look of one lady is entirely alarming, plus RAW FOODS GUY is more than a little annoying. I'm not sure why I'm even watching these, since it's sort of depressing and and just makes me feel largely like nothing anywhere is safe even if i wanted to eat way more fruits/vegetables (which i don't). maybe it's just that i'm already depressed from starting school so it matches my mood, like when you're grumpy so it's satisfying that it's raining.

I for serious need to go back to the gym and get back on a schedule, but homg so tired. I was totally going to nap before the unscheduled post office trip.


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